IWFA (UKAD)-Led Tranining Seminar Highlights Muslim Contribution to World Science

20 Ocak 2013 at 14:51



training seminarWhat can we gain from reading between the lines of history? We found the best response to this question during an event aimed at giving educators comprehensive insights into the enduring contribution of Muslim civilization to the common scientific and cultural heritage of mankind.

Up until today, with a Eurocentric point of view, school curriculums followed both in the West and the East have been inclined to label the millennium between 500 and 1500 AD as “the dark medieval ages” of particularly Europe, and the World in general. It is widely known that teaching and curriculum programs dealing with civilization, science and the history of humanity as general concepts fail to cover the scientific developments which took place in Muslim world during this period. However, contrary to popular beliefs, the above-mentioned time period witnessed a glorious process of development in such areas as science, technology, culture and civilization in Muslim societies. Deeply conscious of this fact, UKAD (IWFA ), in cooperation with CE4CE (Curriculum Enrichment for the Common Era) -established by Prof. Salim al-Hassani, a science historian from Britain- spearheaded and organized the event titled “Teach The Teacher: Training Seminar on Cultural Roots of Science in Turkey and The Muslim World – Building A New Future (Eğitimcilerin Eğitimi: Türkiye’de ve İslam Dünyasında Bilimin Kültürel Kökleri – Yeni Bir Geleceğin İnşası).” The conference hall of the Institute of Middle East Studies of Marmara University in Istanbul’s historical Sultanahmet district was the venue of the training program held between August 27-29, 2012.

This teacher education program was attended by a selected group of 30 educators who were given courses in English. At the end of the event, program participants were presented with certificates of attendance.

Our goal is to offer educators in Turkey the opportunity to receive firsthand information about Muslim scholars and scientists who contributed to the development of science in the World in the course of history, as well as their major inventions and discoveries, through a training program involving a civilizational spirit and dimension. We’re grateful to our Director, Mrs. Fatma Genc Unay who worked devotedly to this end, and shouldered all the burden of event organization. The first step to realize this education project of great importance has been taken by highly esteemed Mrs. Gulsen Ataseven, a doctor with   a pioneering role and praiseworthy track record in women-initiated civil society organizations in Turkey. With the valuable cooperation extended by IKADDER (İstanbul Kadın ve Kadın Kuruluşları Derneği – IAWWO Istanbul Association of Women and Women’s Organizations), we aim to help raise a generation enjoying civilizational awareness, and to inspire confidence in this generation by way of making them more aware of Islam’s scientific and intellectual heritage. We believe that for humanity, reaching thousands of years old cultural roots of science is a priceless asset that must be acquired.

Sharing their impressions with us afterwards, attenders said that they had gained new viewpoints thanks to the three-day training organization. Inspired self-reliance by the event, they also said they would do their part to carry the traces of the past to the future.

We offer our most sincere thanks to those who spared no effort to help us morally and materially in organizing this training seminar. Esteemed Professor Mr. Zafer Gul, the rector of the University of Marmara, enabled the event to take place in one of Turkey’s most distinguished universities. We‘re grateful to the University staff for their devoted work. We also extend our appreciation to the Rast Hotel and Armagan Garment that hosted and sponsored our educator guests coming from Britain. After the certificate presentation ceremony, our guests enjoyed a perfect dinner – hosted in their honor by Fatih Municipality in one of its finest facilities– to the accompaniment of a splendid Istanbul view. If we had tried to find another title for the event, “compete with one another in good deeds” could have been the most suitable one.

Source : IWFA News Centre

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