Family Minister Islam Attends First Meeting of Ministerial Advisory Panel on Family Affairs

14 Ocak 2014 at 11:58



Presided over by Family and Social Policies Minister Ayşenur İslam, the Advisory Committee of the Directorate for Family and Social Services held its inaugural meeting on January 10, 2014.

The first meeting of the mentioned Committee established to exchange views on the activities of the line departments within the Ministry took place at the Ministry’s headquarter in Ankara.

Addressing the gathering of the Committee made up of academics, representatives of non-governmental organizations, and the Ministry’s relevant officials, Minister İslam said, “It is very important for our Ministry which offers a wide range of services to be in close cooperation with those active in the field, non-governmental organizations and academics to provide better services to our people. In this sense, I place great importance on advisory committees like this, and think that such committees fill an important gap.”

 Stressing that Family and Social Policies Ministry is different from other Ministries in many aspects, Minister İslam said, “Activities carried out by our Ministry bring with them also a conscientious responsibility. We deal with not only the problems of children living with their parents and we consider happy but also the problems of unattended children. To come up with effective social policies, we’re making great efforts to get to the roots of the problems faced by both the disabled and the non-disabled, both the young and the old, and both the working and the nonworking women. Our entire approach is based on producing solution-oriented policies when considering problematic areas and to approach issues with a holistic point of view.”

 In his opening remarks at the meeting of the 14-member Advisory Committee comprising  the Ministry officials, academics and representatives of non-governmental organizations, Ömer Bozoğlu, the Director General of the Directorate for Family and Social Services, said, “We hope that thanks to the support and contribution of this Committee, we’ll be able to offer our family-oriented services more effectively.”

Following a presentation on the structure, areas of activity, fulfilled services and planned projects of the Directorate for Family and Social Services, the meeting proceeded with the items on the agenda. Among those in attendance at the gathering were Ömer Bozoğlu, the Director General of the Directorate for Family and Social Services, Deputy Director General Ercan Doğan, Professor Tuncay Ergene from Education Faculty of Hacettepe University, Professor Beylü Dikeçligil from Sociology Department of Science and Literature Faculty of Erciyes  University, Professor Bilâl Sambur from Psychology/Social Psychology  Department of Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty of Yıldırım Beyazıt University, Professor Ergün Yıldırım from Sociology Department of Science and Literature Faculty of Yıldız Technical University, Associate Professor Gülsüm Çamur from Social Services Department of Turgut Özal University, Professor Aliye Mavili Aktaş from Health Sciences Faculty of Selçuk University, Ayşe Serap Şahiner, the Chairwoman of Turkish Women’s Association for Culture and Solidarity (T-KADBİR), Gülenay Pınarbaşı, the Deputy Chairwoman of Association for Protecting and Supporting Family (AKODER), Gülsen Ataseven, the Honorary Chairwoman of Istanbul Association of Women and Women’s Foundations (İKADDER), Fatma Genç Ünay, the President of International Women and Family Association (UKADER), Dr. Ahmet Özdemir, the Head of Foundation for Life, Health and Social Services, and Professor Burhanettin Can, the Head of Socio-Economic Research Center (SEKAM).


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