“Urban Poverty and Familiy Friendly Strategies for Regeneration”

26 Aralık 2013 at 09:32




About Conference

The ongoing economic crisis  is also making its adverse impact increasingly felt on social fabric with  skyrocketing unemployment rates and struggling families. Therefore, measures  and practices directed towards ensuring harmony between family life and policies  and society to enable them to strengthen one another must be given  priority.  As a country conceiving and  putting into practice highly effective social policies and projects aimed at  keeping family bonds intact and protecting the needy people at both local and  national levels, Turkey, with its society founded upon entrenched family  values, has a lot to share in this field, we believe. At a time of prolonged  economic downturn, greater importance must be placed on the interplay between  women- and family-related issues and economic hardships.

Conscious  of all this, we, as the members of International Women and Family Association  (IWFA-UKADER), set out to convene an international congress with the partnership of   Istanbul Commerce University and Kadın ve Demokrasi Derneği (Kadem) on women-   and family-related issues along the lines summarized in the conference overview. It is our great  honor to cordially invite scholars,  researchers, scientists, writers, NGO leaders, practitioners and Phd studenst  to be present at the 1sth    International Women and Family Congress’ academic sessions and  workshops which is set to be held in Istanbul. 

Conference Overview

“Urban Poverty and Familiy Friendly Strategies for  Regeneration”

The  main aim of the conference is to bring together academics, writers,  intellectuals, social and cultural leaders, artists, policy makers and local  governers  at the same platform to  discuss strategies for rethink sources of urban poverty and seek to generate  new and effective strategies for urban regeneration and reaching all people  suffer from poverty in slience.

In  recent decades, crucial issues such as women and family in relation with  poverty have fallen outside the mainstreem development literature. Urban  planning and regeneration have largely focused on physical aspects of  urbanization. However, substantial urban transformations leading to  metropolitan cities acquire crucial social and pyschological dimensions.

A  women and family based understanding of urban poverty is important because  men  and women experience and respond  to poverty in different ways. There is increasing recognition of the  discrimination that women face in relation to access  to employment, social services etc.  Therefore, it is necessary to recognize the problems facing women and family  on poverty in order to take some effective measurement on this critical issue  at the governmental and institutional level.   

Poverty  related concepts such as vulnerability, entitlement and social exclusion need  to be discussed at the academic level, because these concepts help to analyse  the risk of poverty and the reasons why people remain in poverty.

Along the lines summarized above, International  Women and Family Association (IWFA) is set to hold an international conference  on “Urban Poverty and Family Friendly  Strategies for Regeneration” We believe such an event will help us have  an impartial picture of the present situation, offering insights into problem  areas and possible solutions to them. As a non-governmental organization  focusing on poverty, women- and family-related issues, we would like to  alleviate poverty.

For the conference programme and other details please click on:http://urbanpoverty.ic4wf.org/


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