EU İstanbul Conference

05 Temmuz 2013 at 14:09



IWFA attended the conference on “FUTURE PERSPECTIVE TO A COMMON FUTURE to be held by the Ministry for EU Affairs.


This conference, the opening of which will be honoured by the participation of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, will be held in Istanbul on 7-8 June 2013. The conference will be co-financed by EU funds and the Ministry for EU Affairs.

The conference aims to contribute to the future of the EU and EU-Turkey relations, and therefore, is essentially a conference on “FUTURE PERSPECTIVE TO A COMMON FUTURE.”
The conference aims to put forward;

•the global challenges and opportunities that the EU and Turkey has faced in the most recent period;
•the importance of EU-Turkey relations in ensuring global peace and welfare, within the framework of the main political, social and economic developments in our region and in the international system;
•that Turkey’s membership to the EU is based on a “win-win” relationship;
•the scenarios for the future of the EU and Turkey’s contributions to an EU which is being reshaped.
The conference is expected to offer a common basis for the emergence of new opportunities for cooperation and dialogue in EU-Turkey relations, and more significantly, the achievement of critical progress regarding a common and secure future.

Leaders at the ministerial level from Turkey and Europe are invited to make opening speeches on the occasion of the conference and prominent representatives from civil society, media, academia and business will also be brought together.

High-level officials from 33 countries, including all candidate and potential candidate countries and EU Member States, and Eurocrats from the European Commission and the Council of the EU, as well as members of the European Parliament have been invited to the conference as participants.


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