The Civil Leaders From Around the World

15 Mart 2013 at 23:24



SAM_0100The first meeting in the series called «The Civil Leaders From Around the World» was organised with participation of Dr. Gülsen Ataseven,  Afiqa Huseynova, Ayşe Şahin and Jamila Imamaliyeva,  from Azerbaijan University  in the Hidiv Kasrı (Khedive Pavilion) in Istanbul.  The programme was moderated by Associate Prof. Tuğba Karabulut whose professionalism and sincerety was appreciated by the audiances. As IWFA would like to express our gratitute for her good efford.



The programme started with introduction of participatiing NGO leaders  which included Fatma Genç Ünay, Ayşe Karlıtekin and Berna Taşer from International Women and Family Association as the organising institution, Saliha Buyukdeniz from Meridyen Support Association, Nejla Koytak from İGETEV, Mrs. Menşure from Gulistan Private School.

We listened to the unique experiences of civil leaders in the third  sector. In the meeting, we were joined by Mrs. Afiqa Huseynova, the executive chairwoman of Yağmur (Rain) School in Azerbaijan, who informed us about her volunteering stories from the civil society and culture life of Azerbaijan, the dynamic and rising power of the Caucasus. She mentioned their efforts to ensure Azeri women being supported in social, cultural and civil areas of life, to enable them to receive education and to get what they deserve in society, and such topics as difficulties of  volunteering  and ways of tackling them.

Dr. Gülsen Ataseven who pioneered the foundation of platforms called TÜRAP and GİKAP mentioned the development of civil society movement in Turkey, cooperation and solidarity of civil society associations. IWFA president Fatma Genç Ünay thanked to Dr. Gülsen Ataseven for her sacrifice and contribution to the foundation of numerious women NGO’s over the last 30 years.

Zeynep Karlıtekin who attended  IWFA’s curriculum enrichment programme which was organised with the collaborative partnership of CE4TF at the University of Marmara and recieved the “Be the Future” certificate on Science and Technology emphisesed the benefit of the course that she has attended.

The platform of Woment Artists organised an exhibition alongside the meeting in colobration with IWFA. At the end of the programme the artists of Islamic Art Güngör Yılmaz and Emine Can gave a Ebru painting as present to the main guest.

The event received intense paticipation by related NGO Leaders and professional women representatives and many valuable overforthy distinguished participants. As IWFA presents our thanks and gratitute to all of our guests and participants which made a meeting total success.

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