The Unity of Russian Muslim Women

05 Şubat 2013 at 19:46



The Unity of Russian Muslim Women was founded on 26th April,2012 in Moscow as a member of The Mufti Council with the participation of 200 people from 50 regions of Russia, Turkey Estonia, Kazakhistan, and Chechenia.The preliminary speech was deliverd by Sheikh Ravi Gavnuddin, Head of the Russian Mufti Council.the program continued with two sessions with the titles , Image of Modern Women in Russia and Actual Problems of Muslim Women in Russia. The speakers gave information about the studies they conducted in their regions, which focus on social and religious problems. Child education was the the most important point including opening day care centers directed by Muslim women and in the places where this is not possible the support of housewives to the working women by taking care of their children together with economic contribution to the housewives as well, and also starting of Quran learning courses, cultural and sports activities. Importance of family and children was emphasized with the suggestions founding family centers courses for marriage counseling courses, maternal education, centers for match making of the young people, health and sports for women, the problem of alcohol . It is interesting that women mostly apply to the therapy centers for solving family problems just like in Turkey. Another problem discussed was combat with poverty. Charity activities being the common field of work , women employment was mentioned as another problem as women with headscarves find it hard to find jobs . Working in unity was emphasized to gain rights, one of which is the application of halal food service in day care centers. After talks elections were made and Naila Zigamsian,head of Tataristan Muslim women Organization was elected for Russian Muslim Women Unity . When the participant women learnt we are from Turkey , they were very pleased and we had nice emotional moments together. Gulnar Cemal, editor of a woman magazin who converted into Muslim 20 years ago mentioned muslim women unaware of their rights and men’s exploiting this as women are mostly bread winners and when women want to divorce men charge maintenance allowance . With the contribution of the members from Hazar Economic and Culture Associaton <font=”verdana”>9


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