20 Ocak 2013 at 15:06



Egemen BAĞIŞMinister for EU Affairs and Chief Negotiator Egemen Bagis received the Executive Council members of UKAD (International Dialogue Group for Women and Family) at the Ortakoy Office, Istanbul.

The Minister received a briefing on the developments of UKAD’s activities -an NGO with noteworthy initiatives in Turkey- and affirmed that the Ministry and the Minister personally would extend their support to UKAD’s projects, in particular the series of thematic congresses titled “First International Women and Family Congress: Public Diplomacy – The Image of the Turkish Woman in European Public Opinion and Its Effects on Turkey’s EU Membership Process”, “Second International Women and Family Congress: Discrimination and Violence (Mobbing) Based on Perceptions of Dress and Appearance”, “Third International Women and Family Congress: Harmony Between Work and Family Life”

During the meeting, where other projects of UKAD were mentioned as well, UKAD members indicated that they were following closely the information-based activities of the Ministry which aim to develop dialogue between the peoples of Turkey and the member countries of the EU, to better present Turkey in Europe and Europe in Turkey, thus reduce biases and enable people to make correct judgments, and that they were aware of the considerable work expected from NGOs in this regard.

Indicating that they were providing the NGOs with training and seminar facilities in Istanbul on project development and project management with EU funds, Minister Bagis underlined the importance NGOs participation in these seminars and invited UKAD Executive Council Chair Fatma Genc Unay and Members Ayse Karlitekin, Berna Taser and Fatma Sensoy to the seminar to be held on 19 February 2013.


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