31 Ocak 2013 at 16:38



logo ukader In a globalizing world, women and family issues have been today carried to public discussions more than ever. The ULAK Group has been founded in 1996 in order to boost the status of women and family in international arena and brought together under the roof of Rainbow (Gökkuşağı) Istanbul Women’s Organizations Platform. Our group was reorganized in 2011 under the name of International Women Initiative for Dialogue (IWID-UKAD) with the status of an initiative group. It has identified its main field of activity as “economic, social and cultural studies” on women and family issues. In this regard, it has initiated its international networking activities by establishing dialogue between individuals/institutions working towards the same end. In 2013, IWID turned its legal status into an association and acquired the name of International Women and Family Association (IWFA – Uluslararası Kadın ve Aile Derneği, or UKAD in Turkish).

As the participants of IWFA (UKAD), we aimed to present and share our experience, knowledge and professional know-how in domestic and international realms on women and family through contributions to new studies.

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