CE4tF launches Be the Future! in Istanbul

31 Ocak 2013 at 15:35



Delegates with their BtF Certificates after the Ceremony

CE4tF launched its Be the Future! Training Programme (BtF) in Istanbul on 27th August 2012. The programme reveals the forgotten history of remarkable men and women from a variety of faiths and backgrounds whose conduct, demeanour and foresight helped pave the way to changes in thinking and significant achievements.

CE4tF played host to over 30 educators, scientists, psychologists and doctors for a 3 day programme at Marmara University.

BtF is a highly participative and interactive training initiative, delivered by a group of facilitators from a variety of backgrounds. The programme explores the vitally important relationship between looking afresh at our shared history, how doing so affects our attitude in the present, and how we might use these new understandings to work together in the present moment to generate a better future for all.

“BtF is able to fit perfectly alongside any environment, culture or vocation,” said Ian Kendrick, General Manager of FSTC and BtF facilitator. “It teaches you how to develop shared thinking related to our shared Heritage and the framework within which BtF sits is universally applicable.”

BTF in Istanbul 001 Delegates populating their own version of the BtF Framework
Delegates populating their own version of the BtF Framework

BtF closed with a Certificate Ceremony where the key note address was delivered by Professor Salim Al-Hassani. “BtF has had phenomenal success in Istanbul. We’re privileged to be launching here, a city that is home to a huge span of cultures and faiths. We look forward with great anticipation to delivering BtF throughout Turkey.”

CE4tF have established a partnership with International Women’s Institute for Dialogue (IWID) and will be delivering further BtF programmes across Turkey. “I would sincerely like to thank Professor Al-Hassani for goodwill negotiations and his effort.” said Fatma Unay, President of IWID.

Delegates with their BtF Certificates after the Ceremony

About CE4tF

CE4tF was established as the educational outreach organisation for the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation (FSTC). CE4tF is a ground-breaking venture, working to enrich school curricula in order to highlight the shared cultural and scientific inheritance of humanity.

CE4tF has been created to help to redress the historical inaccuracies

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